Peddlers Auction LLC

Peddlers Auction LLC has been operating under the ownership of Hyl Enterprises LLC since August 1, 2012. Hyl Enterprises LLC is family owned and operated by 5 partners and was established in February of 2012. Initially the main focus of the business was to buy (and sell) the entire contents of an estate and clean out everything so that the only thing  family members or other responsible parties for the estate had to worry about was to run a vacuum through the home. At a business breakfast one morning in the Spring of 2012 the partners of Hyl Enterprises LLC casually discussed purchasing Peddlers Village Auction Inc. The casual discussion soon became serious as they checked into the options available to them with regards to this venture and they took ownership on August 1, 2012 as Peddlers Auction LLC. We are located at 2909 Peddlers Village Rd  Goshen, IN  46526. We still offer the service of buying out estates, as well as, taking consignments Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (8am-5pm) to be sold on auction every Thursday starting at 12 Noon. We also own L&S Movers and offer local and inter-state moving services, as well as, pick up services for those who have items to consign to our auction but they cannot bring them in themselves. We have been blessed beyond anything we had envisioned when we purchased the auction house and are so thankful for all the opportunities we have been given. We hope you will have a blessed experience as you come out and see us soon!